7 reasons why Chiwit Design tobacco pouch is simply the best

July 24th, 2015

Leather tobacco pouch



  1. Your rolling finally organized

    No longer rolling tobacco, rolling papers, filters and lighter all over the place! Stop stressing out, keep all you need into one handmade, long-lasting, leather tobacco pouch.

  2. Stay unique, don’t sell out

    Personalize the tobacco pouch with your name, nickname, favourite team, loved one, anything your like or care about. Definitely more unique than rare. Continue reading »

The art of rolling tobacco. Get inspired!

May 15th, 2015

Daniel Moreno directed and animated the following clip, selected by the International Short Film Festival Interfilm Berlin for the section Clipped– Music, Art and Animation.

The art of rolling tobacco inspires creators all over the world. Check out the video.

For the people that make of rolling an art … are you inspired?

Our inspiration materialized into a leather tobacco pouch, how are you inspired? … leave a comment!


Types of Rolling Papers for Tobacco

January 8th, 2013


It has to be added  that depending on tobacco brand, cut and humidity, thicker or thinner papers might work better, in terms of burning.
Thank you to expertvillage for the valuable suggestions. Feel free to add a comment.



Pueblo Rolling Tobacco Review

August 30th, 2012

8/10 result by ismoke27, pretty impressive!!!

The handmade leather tobacco pouch – Let’s save the craft

June 1st, 2012

Truly crafted items are disappearing, have you noticed?
Nowadays, machine made articles, with a tiny handmade feature, are sold in markets as “100% handmade”, but they are not!

Continue reading »

Win one of 5 leather tobacco pouches

July 5th, 2011

To celebrate the new LeatherTobaccoPouch.com Facebook page, the first 200 fans will have the chance to participate to the draw of 5 handmade leather tobacco pouches, including delivery to your home.

Win a leather tobacco pouch with Facebook





What do you have to do to participate? It’s simple, visit the LeatherTobaccoPouch.com Facebook page and say that you LIKE it.

Handmade lifestyle

April 16th, 2011

Embracing handmade signifies that you care

What do you care about?

What to look for in a rolling tobacco pouch

August 5th, 2010

Well, before I start, I’ll state the obvious. Of course, I do make and sell tobacco pouches, but this post is meant to be genuine advice for anyone who is looking into purchasing a rolling tobacco pouch.
At the end of the day, I am a tobacco smoker too!

First, I would recommend you to look into your lifestyle.
What kind of work do you do? What do you do in your your spare time? What kind of clothing do you usually wear? Do you drive a car, ride a motorcycle? Continue reading »

What rolling tobacco brands do you smoke or prefer?

July 23rd, 2010

Do you roll your own cigarettes? Let’s find out what rolling tobacco brands are popular and why. Submit your favorite tobacco brand(s) and see the live results.

Poll code created by Andrea Mangiarotti at Chiwit Design

Artisans are still at work

July 4th, 2010

I remember 25 years ago when I used to bring my mom’s shoes to the “calzolaio” (shoes repair man/leather crafter) to get them fixed or to get some holes made on my new leather belt. I used to look at the handmade leather bags in display and spend hours looking at him, silently working away. Where is that man gone? Where is that little business moved to? Well the answer is that it simply stopped running, the request for the man services went down further and further by the day, since my little town (not so little in size) nearby Milan fully entered the industrial revolution and embraced the “buy, use and throw away” culture.

Yes, in a matter of about 10 years, every crafter shop (leather, wood, traditional garments) in the area, have disappeared, where to?,  I don’t know, but surely not closer to the now MASSIVE shopping mall, which dominates the entire district and further more. No matter where you are, shopping mall cloud is over you to stop people from getting irradiated by the beautiful spring sun which has inspired dozens of men and women crafters in the previous 200 years. “Sorry maybe a little to drastic, but …” Continue reading »

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    For the people that make rolling an art
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    Leather Tobacco Pouch
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